The purpose of this survey is to determine how Hope Association can make its facilities, programs and services more accessible.  Everyone who has regular contact with our organization will be given the opportunity to participate in our survey.  This version of the survey is intended for our employees and anyone enrolled in one of our programs.


Each question is designed to measure your opinion regarding the accessibility of various programs or services throughout Hope Association. If you are unfamiliar with an item or do not use it on a regular basis, please leave it blank.  Please remember that all responses will be kept confidential.

So that we may review your feedback and develop an action plan for improvement, please complete and return this survey no later than March.  Please return all surveys to Administrative Assistant/Receptionist.   Surveys may be mailed or delivered to 85 Lincoln Avenue, faxed to 207-369-0141.

If you have any questions, please contact Catherine Johnson, Executive Director, at 207-364-4561 Thank you in advance for sharing your opinions with us!

Please click the link below to access the printable survey form. Thank you!