Welcome to Hope Association

In 1956, a group of parents and friends linked arms together to form a group that would provide support for people with intellectual disabilities and related disabilities that would allow them to live, work and recreate within their own community. They started out with garage sales (Now the What Not Shop) to raise funds to start a small school that would be later established as the Hope Training School. As the students grew older and graduated, they needed a new place to “go to work” and the Adult Activity Center (now Community Support Services) was created. From there, the Horizons Unlimited Residential Home was built. As the people who are supported by Hope Association gained skills, supported employment and supported living programs were developed to encourage people to be as independent as possible. Other programs and supports have been developed to focus on person centered needs and to help people to become valued members of their community. Today, Hope Association employs close to 100 staff and provides supports and services for over 100 individuals.