What is Shared Living?

Shared Living provides a home and supports for an adult with intellectual disabilities and autistic disorders in the home of a qualified contracted provider. Shared Living is somewhat like foster care, but different in emphasis, in that the home is a more cooperative sharing of space and supports between adults. The individual becomes part of the fabric of the Shared Living Home Provider’s life, the provider’s family, home, and community.

Who is shared living for?

Shared Living is for any individual with intellectual disabilities and autistic disorders who prefers to live in a family-type home, who is eligible for MaineCare services under Section 21.

Home and Community-Based Waiver, and whose Person-Centered Planning team has determined this to be an appropriate living option. Shared Living can be for any individual if the correct match is found. For example, the Shared Living is generally not designed for individuals with nursing care needs unless the Shared Living Home Provider has the experience and skills to meet those needs.

Supported Living Includes:


Meal Planning


Household Skills


Time Management


Community Awareness



Leisure Activities


And more!